Explore God’s Word in 10 Minutes a Day

In today’s busy world, it seems no one has enough time to pray or study the Bible anymore. At least, we don’t make the time for it.

One of the reasons I wrote “God on a Chalkboard” was to provide a simple, easy and engaging way of encountering God’s Word that would only take a few minutes each day. As a daily devotional, weekly study guide and interactive prayer journal, “God on a Chalkboard” serves up God’s truth in small doses you can easily digest in 10 minutes a day. Let me suggest that we can all make 10 minutes per day, by simply not hitting the “snooze” button on your alarm clock in the morning. Instead, get up and visit with God. It’s really that easy.

When you get up in the morning, simply open “God on a Chalkboard” and say a prayer. Ask God to prepare your heart for His message. Then, read the daily chalkboard message. Ask yourself “What does the Bible have to say about this?” Then, jot something down. Anything. Even if you write, “I don’t know,” you’ll wake up your heart to the Word.

Then, read the Bible passage. Consider the connection between the Scripture and the chalkboard message. Then ask yourself, “What does God want me to know about this? How can I use this today?” Then, write something down. Again, even if your answer is “I don’t know,” the very act of writing something down will acknowledge the encounter with God’s Word in your heart for that day.

That’s all there is to it. It’s simple. 365 daily devotionals. 52 weeks of study reviews. In a year, you will have a closer relationship with your heavenly Father. I promise!


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