Getting “God on a Chalkboard” into bookstores.

It has not been an easy process, getting “God on a Chalkboard” into bookstores. They want to review it before they carry it, and that is to be expected. Reviews take several weeks, if not months. They want to know if you have a buy-back policy (I do) and who your distributor is (mine is Ingram Press, Spring Arbor). They also want to know if you are promoting the book. I am. The book trailer, that you can view on this website (under About “God on a Chalkboard”), is also on YouTube and my Facebook page (at I am on Twitter, tweeting about it. I’ve got a press release out about it, along with several banner ads. It’s in the Christian Book Browser catalog and I’m talking it up wherever I can (I’ll be at Oak Cliff Presbyterian Church this weekend sharing insights from the book with a youth group.)

That said, I have made some headway. Lifeway Bookstores is carrying “God on a Chalkboard.” You can go to any Lifeway store and ask for it; they will either have it or can order it for you through their system. You can also get it directly on The URL to purchase “God on a Chalkboard” from Amazon is:

I have it under review at Logos Bookstore and Mardel’s Christian Books. I hope to report soon that they are carrying it. You can also purchase it here on the website (or download it for free, but the free download is not conducive to the study journal piece of this work).

Please consider giving “God on a Chalkboard” for Christmas. It makes for a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. You and everyone you give it to will be blessed all year long, as you marvel in your Father’s love you. God bless you!


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