84. God gets over His anger quickly.

What does this entry mean to you?

What do you think it means to God?

What do you think the Bible has to say about it?

Isaiah 54:7-10 

God says, “I left you for a short time,
but with great kindness I will bring you back again.
I became very angry
and hid from you for a time,
but I will show you mercy with kindness forever,”
says the Lord who saves you.

The Lord says, “This day is like the time of Noah to me.
I promised then that I would never flood the world again.
In the same way, I promise I will not be angry with you
or punish you again.
The mountains may disappear,
and the hills may come to an end,
but my love will never disappear;
my promise of peace will not come to an end,”
says the Lord who shows mercy to you. (NCV)

What does God want you to know about Him in this text?

What does this passage mean to you in your life today?

What does God want you to do about it?

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