How You Can Help

It’s taken many hours to create the “God on a Chalkboard” devotional guide, and although I’m offering it for free online, any contribution you make through this website will help me accomplish even more:

  • - Develop and publish “God on a Chalkboard for Business.”
  • - Translate “God on a Chalkboard” into Spanish.
  • - Provide free books to schools, churches and ministries. (Let me know if you have a group near you in need, and we can work together to fulfill the order).

Of course, you can help without offering any financial assistance at all by simply connecting with “God on a Chalkboard” on Facebook and Twitter. “Like” this page on Facebook, or “Follow” me on Twitter, and we can spread the good word together.

Any help God puts on your heart to provide is greatly appreciated. God bless you!

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God bless!
- Joe