New Projects

Now that “God on a Chalkboard” is in print, I’m working on focusing our Father’s love in specific areas of our lives. Projects I have planned include:

  • - God on a “Chalkboard for Business”
  • - God on a “Chalkboard for Couples”
  • - God on a “Chalkboard for Parents”

The list may change as I proceed with the work, but currently, the Business version is pending.

Also, I’m planning to translate the original “God on a Chalkboard” into Spanish. There are costs associated with this ambitious production. If you’d like to help out by donating, please click the “Help Out” button to learn more. Gracias!

Lastly, I’d like to provide free books to schools, churches and ministries wherever the Lord leads me. This too would be an expense. Again, if you can help me by making a donation, please do so. Also, if you’d like to provide books for a group near you, you can order through this website or your favorite bookseller. Or let me know, and I will try to fulfill the order as part of my donation page here, depending on the level of funds available. Our Father will always find a way.

Thanks…and to God be the glory!